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Vote with Augmented Reality

VotAR is an Augmented Reality audience Voting or audience survey system. Your audience hold some papers with a special printed symbol to vote, and as the speaker you take a photo of it with this app, it will analyze the photo to count the votes.

Why ?

  • You want to get your audience feedback for a course or a conference ?
  • You want to add something fun, high-tech, low-tech, simple and geeky to your presentation ?
  • You don't want to spend thousands on clickers ?


(Currently, news content are only provided in french)


How to use ?

Please read the user guide carefully.

Drop an email if you have any feedback, help request, thoughts to share: Stephane Poinsart <s@poinsart.com>

Additionnal project information

License: the project source code is distributed under the free/libre GNU Affero General Public License.

Project history: VotAR is a personal initiative that I develop on my free time since early 2013. But it's based on the Unité Ingénierie des Contenus et Savoirs that the Université de Technologie de Compiègne has studied: the pedagogical use of clickers and their significant cost

Original photo, before VotAR processing: more than 100 students showing a voting paper in a lecture hall
Photo after VotAR processing: on the left the previous photo with additional markers for detected votes, on the right an histogram with the vote distribution between the 4 possible choices